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Thinking of Buying a Home?

Buying a home is one of the most significant investments in a lifetime. It is essential to have an experienced agent in your corner, always looking out for your best interest. A Realtor® fiduciary responsibility is to represent the client and to ensure that their interests are protected.


After all, a seller has someone in their corner. A listing agent has an allegiance to the seller. Their goal is to get the seller top dollar for their home. There is incredible value in having someone working for YOUR best interests when buying a home.

Getting you in the door!

We will narrow down the homes that fit your unique wants and needs get you in the door! Looking at dozens of homes every week, I I can help you identify potential problems within a home.


When repairs or changes in price need to made, I will be your guide and handle requesting any repairs or changes in price to the sellers.


Buying a home involves many types of documentation. I have the experience and knowledge to navigate real estate contracts. Ensuring that nothing is overlooked, and that you truly understand what a paper means before ever signing on the dotted line.


I will represent your best interests. With a pulse on the local market and a sound understanding of how various amenities effect the value of a home, we will make sure we submit a competitive offer on the right house for you.


Working daily in neighborhoods with inspectors, contractors, and negotiating with sellers, I have the market knowledge you need to get the best results from your purchase. Understanding the local real estate market can go a long way when it comes time to make an offer on a house.


I will work hard to protect all of your interests and take on any issues that may arise throughout the entire process. Hopefully making buying a home a fun and stress-free process.


“Chris has been awesome to work with! Evaluating some investing real estate opportunities and he has been on point. Proactive with sending us info about super quick to respond. Hard working without a doubt and he knows SWFL!!”

Real Estate Investor

Brooke Shirazi

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